ISIS Struggles To Keep Things Together

After months of siege, bombings and gunshots, ISIS has been weakened by counter terrorist groups fighting the rebels. The Kurdish militants stationed in Kobani have successfully pushed the group out of the Syrian border. In Iraq, the government pushed back ISIS bandits in the province of Diyala. Meanwhile, the city of Mosul which is an ISIS camp is looking to be very vulnerable to attacks from government troops and foreign military.

A tough month for ISIS but victory of Iraq & Syria still uncertain

This month was the roughest month experienced by the extremists. Their infrastructures have been constantly damaged during air strikes and the death toll of their fighters has escalated. Many of their field commanders have been reported to suffer death in air attacks by the government and other militant groups.

While the developments have been positive for the government of Iraq and Syria, both sides are taking no chances and still continue the rigid campaign against the terrorists. They did not let their guards down although there is a great certainty for the demise of ISIS in the coming months.

ISIS still holds its ground in Iraq and Syria and is not going to easily surrender it. About 50,000 square kilometers in Iraq is controlled by ISIS while the group still prides itself of controlling around 30% of Syrian soil and 10% of its population.

US military operatives expressed that with the statistics presented, the battle to eliminate ISIS will be a long struggle.

Optimism and hope

A reliable informant in the Iraqi government said that ISIS has lost several of its major command posts and has to quickly regroup if it still wants to pursue its goal of conquering Iraq and Syria. The ISIS group in Iraq relies heavily on roadside bombings and miniscule attacks to further its campaign. It has been crippled by military airstrikes on the region.

This news uplifts the people living not only in Iraq and Syria but to all the people of the free world. Perhaps in the near future, the lives of children, businessmen, politicians, and workers will get back to normal. The economy of these countries will hopefully rebound.