Jack Setters Arena Closing Temporarily Over Roof Collapse Concerns

The Jack Setters Arena might be in need of roofing in Calgary as the city temporarily closed the facility regarding concerns that a heavy buildup of snow on the roof could lead to a collapse, and there’s no clear idea on when it’ll be open for use again.

According to President Rick Smith, MIllican Ogden Community Association, which runs amateur sports programs out of the Southeast Calgary arena, constructed in the 70s, the sudden closure came out of nowhere. He reports that he and the other board members were called into a meeting early December and informed that the closure was necessary.

Smith says that an engineer looked at the Jack Setters arena, and determined that the roof structure is over stressed to some degree in several areas, and that the additional weight from the snow built up could lead to a failure in the roof’s structure.

Calgary city staff conducted assessment of all the arenas in the city following the roof collapse at the Fair view Arena in February. The aim of the assessment was to see if the arenas are in need of work from companies that handle roofing in Calgary, as stated by Marco Civitarese, the Acting Director of the Calgary Building Services.  The arenas which were noted to have notable conditions, like the Jack Setters Arena, were flagged to receive a deeper drive inspection by engineers. The report on the arenas were received by the city early December.

According to a notice on the arena’s website, there is no imminent danger of collapse unless a large snow loads builds up on the arena’s roof, but the City’s Safety Officer felt the need to act with caution in order to protect its citizen, adding that the engineer that inspected the roof stated that about 15 cm of snow would be unsafe.

Civitarese says that fixing the arena’s roof is part of the long-term plan, but there were no estimates on how long it would take; remediation and what’s needed to reopen the arena isn’t clear yet.

Smith says that this is problematic, as the arena has a full schedule of events and activities, and it was unclear how much of an impact the closure would have on amateur sports in the community, saying that he thinks ‘temporary’ is a long time.