Just Junk Finds Some Unique Canadian Items

Junk hauling companies such as the junk removal Orange County usually collect some common items including household appliances and furniture among others as they go from one property to the next.

Country Collections

However, just in time for Canada Day, the people from Just Junk has shared some unique Canadian items which they found from different garages throughout the country. According to Mike Thorne, the president of the Just Junk Company, all those collected items would pave way in order for people to appreciate Canada more. They have found hockey cards and even olden licenses which gave them a sort of glimpse into Canada’s long history.

Some of the Items They Have Collected

Thorne was also able to describe some of the items that they have collected:

  • Canadian Cash

Canadian cash was found in Winnipeg which were believed to have been from the mid-1970s. There were bills, cents, and even a bag of coins. Hence, through all the bills and coins that were collected, you could really observe the evolution of the money circulating in the country.

  • 1979 Wayne Gretzky hockey card

Undeniably, hockey is one of the most popular games in Canada. And if you talk about hockey legends in the country’s sports history then the man bearing the name of Wayne Gretzky would definitely appear on the list. Surprisingly, his 1979 hockey card was among the things that were found. The value of the said card, if only it was found in good condition, would range from three thousand to fourteen thousand dollars.

  • 1914 Ontario license plate

Moreover, a 1914 Ontario license plate was also found. The history of the plate can be traced back to 1914. One could remember that plates were first issued in 1911 and were slightly modified in terms of design until the 1940s.

Aside from the three, Thorne also confided that a huge fake one hundred dollar bill was found in Toronto along with a Tim Hortons motorized bike.

Indeed, in junk shops such as the junk removal Orange County, you could really find amazing items which may invoke varying thoughts, memories, and even emotions.