Krasi Gains Approval To Hold 2 Outdoor Events A Month

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The Krasi Art Centre received an approval on their renovation plans of the ground and outdoor events rental. The approval was granted by St Joseph City Commission provided that the rentals will be limited to only 2 a month within the 2-year probationary period.

Residents that attended the meeting provided their support to Krasi’s proposals regarding the grounds that include a wide oval lawn, seating and gateway sculpture created by artist Richard Hunt. However, a few had some objections on allowing outdoor events to be held on the grounds because of the noise and traffic that it might create on the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, supporters of Krasi understand the need to generate additional revenue and the long record of the institution as a good neighbour. According to Commissioner Jeff Richards, it is true that Krasi has always been a good neighbour but he also has misgivings on events that create noise. The 2-event a month would be reviewed annually until the end of the probationary period to determine whether rentals will be continued or stopped.

Constructions of outdoor renovations will take place during summer. Krasi staff will be tasked to supervise outdoor events and ensure that an off-street parking for guests. Krasi planners are also proposing property rental for weddings with a tent that can accommodate up to 150 people, food trucks and vendors, bike rentals and enough space for performances and classes.

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