Latin Women Rally To End Violence Against Women

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However, many Latin women today want to make a difference. The streets to Buenos Aires are no stranger to a series of protests to call for the end to the violence against women. According to report that was released by the Supreme Court of Argentina, 254 Argentine women died from gender-based violence in 2016 alone. This means that one woman is killed every 34 hours.

Notable examples of the weekly rallies that remind people that their children disappeared without trace during the military dictatorship between 1979 and 1983 include “Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.” Other protest rallies have made their mark in the Argentinean capital after 14 year old Chiara Paez was brutally murdered by her boyfriend. She was found buried under her boyfriend’s house after being beaten to death. Chiara was a few weeks pregnant when she died. 200, 000 Latin men and women clogged the streets of the city to protest the violence.

A rally was held once again at the city center as the world prepares to mark the International Day to end Violence against Women. One of the organizers is Ximena Schinca, a local journalist who is amazed at the level of empowerment that Latin women enjoy today. Sadly, the numbers of killings have remained the same because Latin women are still considered as objects for consumption and reproduction. However, the fight against sexism and harassment will continue on the streets of the city.

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