LED Lights Research Will Focus On Chickens

Governments from around the globe have already started banning the old incandescent bulb to make way for the newer types. It’s because the newer ones were proven to be more energy-efficient, something that is very much needed today when resources are becoming scarcer.

The likes of 12v led strip lighting are now being favoured not only because of energy-efficiency, but also because their light quality is significantly better compared to incandescent bulbs. One of the countries that issued the ban was Canada, which started the phase out in 2015.

Today, LED lights are very popular. However, burger chain A&W wants to know more about its impact on broiler chickens. This will be giving funds to University of Saskatchewan to research more about this topic. They announced this last week

The research will be conducted by the university’s College of Agriculture and Bioresources. The restaurant chain claims that the study will try to find out the effects of LED lights on the behaviour, mobility, and psychological welfare of poultry. According to A&W’s press release, they became interested in the subject after the phase out of incandescent bulbs, which were the lighting of choice for poultry grower back then. They say that there really is not enough information on the behavioural impacts of LED lighting systems on chickens.

The research will be led by an assistant professor in the school’s animal and poultry sciences department, Karen Schwean-Lardner. A portion of the study will be devoted to studying the impact of coloured lights on poultry. The professor told in a radio station interview that producers are not sure on what to do where some have converted their barn systems and are now using other systems. She hopes that the research will shed light on what types of LED lights are best for chickens. Questions like whether it’s okay to use 12v led strip lighting, white lights, and so on will have its answers in due season.

Growing chickens is more complicated than it seems. Karen says that they will look into the importance of turning off the lights in a coop. She says that chicken need to spend time in darkness for skin regeneration for example.