LinkedIn Shows Demand For Digital Marketers With Economic Graph

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive shift in the global market, with king kong agency reviews and job openings changing to match.

LinkedIn, the employment and networking social media service, recently released their Economic Graph, showing data from over 706mn professionals, 55mn companies, and 90,000 schools, covering 11mn job listings, and 36,000 skills. This list studied things like job listings, king kong agency reviews, skill requirements, and the like in order to list down the most in-demand jobs as of October 2020.

The data is more than just looking at which positions have the most job openings, looking at three notable criteria in order to see possible trends in job listings:

  • The job’s growth over the past 4 years.
  • Whether or not that job’s pay accounts for a liveable salary.
  • Whether or not the required skills for that job can be learned online.

LinkedIn explained that the Economic Graph is not just about identifying what jobs are most in-demand, but also about which are the best positioned for growth in the future.

The employment network’s top 10 list is as follows, with their approximate job listings:

  1. Software Developer: 15mn openings
  2. Sales Representative: 8.5mn openings
  3. Project Manager: 2.7mn openings
  4. IT Administrator: 2mn openings
  5. Customer Service Specialist: 1.8mn openings
  6. Digital Marketer: 860k openings
  7. IT Support/Help Desk: 590k openings
  8. Data Analyst: 360k openings
  9. Financial Analyst: 360k openings; same as #8
  10. Graphic Designer: 355k openings

Listed alongside the most in-demand jobs, are the skills most in-demand for these positions. Digital marketer openings look for the following skills:

  • Content strategy
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Marketing channels
  • SEO
  • Social media