Local Embroiderers Inspired By Designs Of Well Known Clothing Brands

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Paulo Ramirez owns a small embroidery business he calls Stitch Me in West Hollywood. He does not have a website unless you count his Instagram and Yelp page with its raving reviews. Like other screen printing and embroidery shops, Ramirez’ business survives from bulk custom orders from corporations.

Meanwhile, the stuff displayed in the Yelp page is generating a different impression for Ramirez. The page displays embroidered denim jackets with slithering snakes, tigers bellowing in between branches of roses and butterflies flying in an English garden. You do not have to look twice at the embroidery designs to find a similarity with the Gucci look-book.

According to Ramirez, the designs of his embroidery were actually inspired by Gucci. In an interview over the phone, Ramirez said that a customer sent him a logo once so that will be digitized and recreated as a tiger design on a jacket. It is typical for Gucci to establish a trend; however, there are customers who cannot afford the price of a Gucci embroidered jacket.

It is common for customers to wait for fashion retailers to create something close to the Gucci design and not be sued. Customers also have the option to commission local embroiderers to copy a design. A local embroidery shop like Ramirez creates a close approximation of the design and tries to create the Gucci look. The trend for stylish embroidery has managed to boost demand. Meanwhile, there are other inspirations aside from Gucci. Embroidered wearable art is now being used to customize clothing.

There is high demand today for embroidery supplier in Bangkok because of the safety and versatility of their embroidery threads. The product contains minimal to no formaldehyde. The chemical is used as finishing agent in post production. The Bangkok-based brand can be trusted for its safety and superiority as well as its visions for better innovations for improved textile production.