Marketing Consultants Still Focuses On Acquiring Customers

Majority of marketing consultants reiterate the fact that customer acquisition is very important and is the very goal of marketing. To make sure that the money spend on marketing in used in its full potential, marketers are advised to give more emphasis on providing data, focus on the audience as well as lifetime of value given to clients. This is according to a report conducted by eMarketer which was entitled Customer Acquisition in the US: A Focus on Data, Audience and Lifetime Value.

It matters not what field your company is in, customer acquisition plays a very important role regardless of the marketing strategy used and the business models utilized. Take for example the study that was conducted by HubSpot in May of this year, this was focused on the priorities of the marketers all over the world when it comes to marketing. All of these are using inbound strategies as well as outbound strategies for their marketing. Inbound marketing is considered a next generation technique which aims to have interaction between the company and the consumer. Outbound marketing refers to the traditional marketing methods which only go one way in reaching the customers like print ads and television ads. According to the study, 77 per cent of the inbound marketers focus on customer acquisition while 68 per cent of outbound marketers have the same priority.

On another report that was published by The Economist Intelligence Unit or EIU in April of this year, around 45 per cent of marketing executives from all over the globe admitted that their strategies in the marketing department revolves around customer acquisition.

Marketers are known to determine the success of their methods by the result of their customer acquisition. In a survey conducted by Salesforce in January of 2016, out of the 4,000 participants who are marketing leaders, a quarter of them are using customer acquisition as their top three factors in determining the success of their marketing strategies.

This is why marketing consultant and experts alike are expecting that acquisition will continue to be the focus of majority of the marketing leaders.