Monarchs Of Thailand Recovering After Suffering From Sickness

Bhumibol Adulyadej, the king of Thailand, is currently being treated because of fever as a result of a case of possible blood infection. The Queen Sirikit, on the other hand, is said to have lung infection. This is according to a report on the condition of the royal couple. The couple is known to be suffering from bouts of illnesses for several years already.

According to a separate statement that was released by the palace, both the king and queen are now recovering at a hospital.

Based on the monthly update regarding the health of the revered king who is now 88 years old, the palace said that the doctors continue to administer antibiotics on the kind in order to treat his infection that is resulting to a low grade fever.

The palace statement said that this year, during the month of July, there have been records of low fever with the king. According to the blood test that was conducted, there is possibility of infection. Because of this, the physicians have to give him antibiotics for treatment. Once the treatment was done, the condition of the king has already improved.

Based on a statement from June, the palace revealed that the monarch also undergone treatment because of the water that is found on the brain or more commonly known as hydrocephalus. This is a case where fluid has accumulated at the cerebrospinal that is found around the brain. The statement also said that the medical team are on continues monitoring in order to keep in check the cerebrospinal fluid. It was the following month that they were able to successfully drain the fluid that is in the cerebrospinal.

Associated Press published a report regarding Sirikit who is now 83 years old. She has recently endured a lung infection but already improving. Sirikit who was confined in Siriraj Hospital located in Bangkok, the same hospital where Bhumibo is confined for several years, has been transferred to Chulalongkorm Hospital. For those who are in Thailand and anywhere in the world looking to rejuvenate, a Thailand health retreat is recommended.