New Website Launched To Help Ontario Residents Choose Qualified Tradesmen

A new website has been recently launched by Ontario College so that people from Ontario could easily identify whether the tradesmen who have applied to work on their homes and cars are qualified to do work. This is done through an online directory from which Ontarians can easily search for a name of a tradesman, plumber, or electrician and it will reveal whether he or she has the acceptable qualifications.

Your homes and your vehicles are made up of complicated systems and often times when these systems fail, you would need to call on a professional to help you out. Plumbers, electricians, mechanics and other tradesmen are being called on to help with these unfavorable circumstances but in order to ensure the safety of your home and vehicle, you must make sure that the person you hire is qualified for the job. The features of this new website come with no cost and people would be allowed easy access to a list of qualified tradesmen. In Ontario, there are about 22 trades that require special trainings and qualifications before work can be done.

Before a tradesperson could be allowed to do work, he or she must be legally certified. Unfortunately, there many people who apply for different technical jobs even without any experience or knowledge as well as not having met the qualifications for these jobs.

David Tsubouchi, Ontario College CEO and registrar, said that everyone has the right to feel safe at the luxury of their own home and that also includes the confidence that can be gained when one knows that the person hired to conduct work on plumbing and electrical systems are highly capable of performing their task.

The new website could serve as a benefit for qualified tradesmen as people would more likely hire them because they are assured of the person’s efficiency but the effect is the opposite for unqualified tradesmen, if they could still be called as such. During desperate times, the need for emergency plumbers, technicians and electricians are great but it is better if these people have the experience and the knowledge to back them up.

The website also aims to distinguish the qualified ones from those that are not. In fact, just recently, a fine of $5000 was imposed on Ryan Michael James Parent for doing electrical jobs even without certification.