NIU Received Funding For Boiler Repairs

We all know that boiler repairs are not cheap and more so if one is planning to buy a new replacement boiler. This has always been the plan of Northern Illinois University but they lack budget to push through the plan. Now the state has granted the university the funding in order to replace its old boiler system to more modern models.

News release was recently published by the office of the current governor, Bruce Rauner, regarding the capital funding of over $6.6 million that is to be granted to the university as part of the latest budget they have approved before the end of May this year.

According to a statement from Jeff Keicher, a representative from Republican Party in Sycamore, they are happy to hear about the news because this investment is really important in order to improve the current infrastructure of Northern Illinois University and also a step forward for the institution.His appointment came after the resignation of Bob Pritchard following the new role he took on with the Board of Trustees at Northern Illinois University.

He added that he is proud of the decision of his new colleagues working in the General Assembly because they did not forget to include NIU’s budget during planning of the state budget for fiscal year 2019. He is excited to work on more projects with the group which will further improve the current state of the higher education provided at NIU as well as all over the state.

Through the funding, they will be able to begin the design process for the proposed two boilers with high efficiency within the campus. The current boiler system of the university is already obsolete and continued usage only poses danger and safety hazard to everyone in the campus. Dave Syverson, the state senator, said that they are prioritizing the repairs of the outdated boilers.

Aside from the needed boiler repairs, the money will also be used to replace the expansion joint and the steam isolation valve which are all critical components. This decision came after they found out that the steam tunnel’s mechanical expansion joint is already too far damaged with no hope of repair.