Northern Ireland Introduces New Team Building Venue

It is common nowadays for companies to organize corporate team building because it fosters teamwork and coordination among the employees. It is done annually and the venue is often one of the biggest concerns because finding a new one is quite a challenge. In Northern Ireland, there is a new resort designed ideally for team building adventures and activities. It is located at the bottom of the Mourne Mountains found in County Down. The place is called Slieve Donard Resort & Spa and it spans six acres.

The entire ground is maintained beautifully while there are luxurious accommodations in place. The facilities created to serve as business centre as well as for conference are immaculately done. There are many adventures to choose from in the resort which makes it an ideal place to hold a corporate team building. There are activities waiting to be tried including coasteering, field archery, bouldering, mountain biking and exploring County Down’s outdoor beauty.

There is an outdoor activity center which is close to the Castlewellan Forest Park. From there, guests will be able to see the lake that is one mile long and covered with modern sculptures. It is also where the Peace Maze is located which is considered to be the biggest permanent hedge maze in the world. The activities available on site are suitable for all ages regardless of their abilities.

Coasterring is an activity wherein the guests will be able to see the coastline bordering the Mourne Mountains. A professional guide is present during the adventure wherein participants will climb rocky shores, jump from cliffs as well as swim in the sea caves found in Maggie’s Leap, a historic site.

There is also field archery located in the CastlewellaDemesne which is at the foot of the mountain. This is intended to make the corporate team building experience exciting as well as encourage everyone to participate as there are alternative levels for difference skills. Lastly, the resort also offers conference and meeting venues if the company wishes to have a more formal setting after the outdoor activities are over.