OFTEC Encourages Boiler Safety Awareness In Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, many households are not aware that they can enjoy energy savings if they book for professional boiler service. OFTEC and the Consumer Council Northern Ireland are encouraging homeowners to book the services of professional boiler engineers so that their fuel bills will be reduced by at least 10% annually.

The main fuel used for heating by households in Northern Ireland is oil. Recognizing the fact that at least 60% of households in Northern Ireland use oil, OFTEC that represents the oil installation and servicing industry has teamed up with the Consumer Council of Northern Ireland to produce a series of short, relevant and practical videos that will make oil boilers safer while ensuring the safety of households.

The video is very timely with the severe pressure on household incomes and spending because of the latest inflation figures. OFTEC and the Consumer Council videos aim to help households with tips on how they can manage their budgets properly and make it go further.

Aside from energy and cost savings, the videos reinforce the importance of home heating and the safety of oil tanks for the protection of the home and environment. Unlike the more common mains gas that is used for boilers in the UK, oil in tanks is delivered to homes in Northern Ireland. There is significant concern that households may not be aware of the importance of taking proper care with their oil tanks go prevent leaks and minimize the risk of fires and explosions.

Every day, UK environment agencies have reported approximately 10 oil tank incidents. The new campaign of OFTEC in the form of informative videos will teach awareness to households on the responsible steps they can undertake to ensure that oil storage tanks are suitable for the purpose. If their boilers are showing signs of a faulty condition, it is important to call expert boiler engineers because fixing the boiler is not a job for DIY.

In Exeter, APH Heating Ltd is always available to receive calls for assistance at any time of the day. You can expect an immediate response whenever there is a boiler emergency. Boiler engineers have extensive training for boiler repairs and installations including maintenance.