One Of Sydney’s Most Notable Wedding Venues Hit With Noise Complaints

The NSW’s liquor authority, the Liquor and Gaming NSW’s Compliance Operations, have just placed restrictions due to noise complaints at the Dunbar House in Watsons Bay, one of the most notable wedding venues and a common itinerary for wedding catering in Sydney.

The order for the up-market venue came straight from Compliance Operations Director, Sean Goodchild, who imposed restrictions on the venue, stating that the noise from the place should not be audible from any residential premises in the vicinity between the hours of midnight and 7AM.

Dunbar House, for their part, has accepted the new restrictions, and have expressed their intentions of working with the locals to ensure a harmonious co-habilitation.

Mr. Goodchild has expressed satisfaction in Dunbar House’s willingness to cooperate and take steps in order to minimize disturbances from its guests,  including minimizing issues related to noise from patrons leaving the venue. Now, departing guests are required to have transport prepared prior, letting them leave as soon as possible,

The written decision from the Director added that he did not find it necessary to impose restrictions aimed specifically at disturbances from patrons who are leaving the venue, but he did decide to set conditions in response to the noise coming from the venue, so as to make sure the local neighbourhood wasn’t disturbed.

These new conditions took effect on the 19th of May after a string of complaints from the tail-end last year from a citizen living near the venue who complained that they were being disturbed by the noise from the venue and the behaviour of its patrons who were leaving the premises.

The venue has made statements saying that it acknowledges the noise complaints and accepts the decision made by the Liquor and Gaming office, and are working with the locals in order to address the issues that were raised.

The statement from the venue adds that they are hoping to build a harmonious relationship with the locals, as well as playing a key role as a local venue and event space in the Watsons Bay Area. Dunbar House has been in operation, has been a notable venue for events and wedding catering in Sydney for over 50 years.