Pattaya Ordered To Present A New Image

Pattaya, the resort city found in the country of Thailand, is known to attract many tourists booking suite accommodation in Pattaya. The government is currently challenging the city. They are asked to change their image in order to be branded globally as a quality tourist destination in the country. The government is still busy trying to take actions regarding complaints in the city as well as closing down business that are illegally established to take advantage of the booming tourism in the resort city. Though they are trying their best, the leaders from hotel and tourism industry admitted that the challenge of changing Pattaya’s image is quite hard to accomplish.

Hotel operators said that their major problem stems from the high number of illegal businesses as well as hotels that have not been registered. These establishments continue to offer tourists who are trying to save with cheap products as well as services. Luxury tourists, on the other hand, are staying in other destinations in Thailand including Hua Hin, KohSamui and Phuket.

The THA or Thai Hotel Association together with hotel operators has always been vocal about their concern regarding the current image that Pattaya is sending out to the world. Pattaya is considered to be the most widely visited tourist attraction located in the Eastern Seaboard. They are aware of the efforts done by the military government in order to stop the spread of negative image by putting an end to tourism scams, mundane activities as well as beach umbrellas.

The organization believes that while they may have taken action, it will take time before they fully eliminate the negative image due to the law enforcement’s poor action and the power shifts on political agendas – locally and nationally.

According to the president of THA, SupawanTanomkieatipume, it would take about five years before they could erase the sin city image of Pattaya and it would require help form the law enforcement authorities.

In a report made by the THA, because of the number of tourists and guests booking hotels for suite accommodation in Pattaya, the location comes second to Bangkok as the most popular spot in Thailand. In terms of number of visitors, it even comes ahead of Phuket.