Philadelphia Fan Creates Eagles Team Icon With The Name Of Every Single Member

Daniel Duffy, a Philadelphia artist with a passion for word art and sports, known for having released several pieces such as a Phillies World Series print, or a print of Brian Dawkins triumphantly roaring, has recently unveiled another opus that is making  headlines in his home state.

The latest work from Duffy, who goes by Philly Word Art in the online circuits, is a word art homage to the Philly Eagles’ icon from the past era of the 90s, held by many to be the most iconic iteration of the team’s icon. Said homage is unique in that it is a replication of the 90s Eagles logo made out of the names of the team’s many players. Not just from the era the piece homages, but from every year, and every season; the piece is made up of the names of every Philadelphia Eagles member in recorded history, at least up to the 2016 season. That equates to 1739 players across 83 years, since the Eagles first founding in 1933.

In his website,, Duffy discusses the details of his work, showing off the amount of dedication and commitment he put into the piece. As mentioned before, the piece most closely resembles the Eagles’ icon from the 90s era, but is designed as to be flying from the left to the right, which is more commonly associated with graphics and icons before the 80s.

Another notable detail to the piece is the name Carson Wentz, which is the last name comprising the word art. The name refers to an up and coming quarterback that many of the Eagles’ fans believe will help the team win the Super Bowl. Regardless of the veracity of these claims, it shows how passionate the Eagles’ fans are about their teams, a fact that Duffy, himself an Eagles fan, knows all too well.

Duffy has stated that he enjoyed the experience, learning about players both old and new, good and not-so-much.

For those interested in acquiring their very own copy of the piece, the print is available for purchase in varying sizes and packages in the Philly Word Art website, like all of Duffy’s work.