Poverty As The Reason Why Some Homes Do Not Have Proper Plumbing System

In a rural southern city in Alabama, the soil is ideal for growing cotton and cucumbers but it is very difficult to dig to bury things like a septic tank. Lowndes County is mostly composed of poor black counties with less than half of the population connected to the municipal sewers. For more affluent families, connecting to the municipal sewer lines is not a problem but not for one in five of American homes.

Poverty has certainly left its imprint with people living without septic tanks. If they had one, it was badly in need of repair and the families were too poor to fix them. Others like Mrs. Rudolf uses a plastic pipe from the toilet under her yard right into the woods behind her house. A septic tank would cost her about $6,000 which she certainly cannot afford. When the contents of the pipe are emptied into the wooden area, the smell can be very bad particularly when it rains.

According to Census Bureau, nearly half a million American homes in the United States do not have hot and cold running water, bathtub or shower or a working flush toilet. As a result, the population is very vulnerable to health problems. Lowndes County did not have running water until the 80’s and most do not have bathrooms inside their homes. Based on a survey made by Kevin White, professor of environmental engineering of the University of Southern Alabama, 35% of homes had failing septic systems and there were signs of raw sewage on the ground.

Since Lowndes is one of the poorest counties in the state, most of its population cannot afford the cost of building a septic tank. Alabama’s laws do not allow unsanitary sewage collection systems but the problem of households is money. Some changes are happening but its pace is glacial.

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