Preschool Education in America Needs to Improve

The education a child gets in his formative years is very crucial. Giving the child the right education in his early childhood years is a factor that contributes greatly to how a child would fair when he grows up and to be competitive globally. On a study conducted, the United States was trailing behind other countries in terms of preschool standards, enrollment and quality of education.

To answer this growing concern of preschool education, President Barack Obama announced his plan to increase access of children to preschool learning. With the program, the president decided to invest $75 billion in preschool education so that the United States might be able to catch up with other highly developed countries’ education for early childhood. This plan will open the gates for America to train top notch and world class educators to educate the children.
When do children start preschool?

The children in the United States do not usually start preschool until they are four years old. This age is comparatively late as with other countries that start sending their children to school much earlier. In Denmark, parents enroll their children at preschool facilities at the age of 1 while in Belgium, kids are enrolled when they are about 2 years old. Most of the countries in Asia and Europe begin their preschool education when children are at least 3 years old.

US investment in Preschool education

In the study which was conducted in 2013, it showed that the United States under invested in its preschool education unlike other countries. Only about .4 percent of the US GDP can be attributed to private and public spending in preschool education. In other countries such as Spain, Israel and Denmark, the spending amounts to .9 percent of their respective GDP. The educators in the US want to raise the spending to at least .6 percent. This will put the US in par with European countries such as Germany and Poland. This move will add each year $30 billion to preschool education. This amount of money will significantly improve the quality of education for 3 and 4 year old children.

Now that preschool education is placed on the spotlight, the little children are bound to get the best education in America.