Quebec’s New “Moving Boxes” Meant To Stop Pet Abandonment

When someone goes and decide to go and buy moving boxes online, it usually means that they are getting ready for a move. People buy them for their essentials, their furniture, etc. Usually this includes their pets.

In Quebec, however, it’s all too common that pets are left abandoned during Canada Day, which has become synonymous with ‘moving day’ in the country. During Canada Day, most of the province’s leases expire, and, since a considerable amount of landlords’ have a ‘no pets’ condition to their leases, it results to at least 1,600 pets being abandoned by their owners during Canada Day. Some of the pets are sent to shelters, but tragically, a considerable number of them are just left on the street.

One company decided to act against this common occurrence.

Home Hardware recently partnered with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), to make special cardboard moving boxes, made in the shape of common house pets, such as cats, dogs and rabbits. These new, strange boxes, came with a very clear and simple message: for owners not to abandon their pets and bring them with them when they move.

According to a press release from the initiative, the project is designed to make people aware of this serious issue, as well as raise money for the SPCA in order to help alleviate the issue.

The boxes themselves weren’t meant for pet storage, which would be cruel , they’re merely sold as curios for donations at participating Home Hardware stores in the Montreal area, with sales happening in the weeks leading to Canada Day, and was available to everyone willing to donate, no need to be some of the people looking to buy moving boxes online for their moves.

According to Élise Desaulniers, General Manager of the Montreal SPCA, pet abandonments in Montreal triple every July, as a result of the many moves during Canada Day. The SPCA already went and sent a petition, supported with over 22,000 signatures to the National Assembly in order to get rid of the no-pets clause in most landlord leases.