Reality TV Show Star Casted In Popular Crime Drama Series

Lisa Rinna, a star in the hit television series, Real Housewives is set to take a role in the Crime Scene Investigation series. The 51 year old actress never showed signs in slowing down in her acting career. She also showed in Days of our Lives and played the famous character Billie Reed and starred in Melrose Place as Taylor McBride.

Lisa’s role in CSI

Lisa will take the role of a mother named Cindy. Her character is that of an irresponsible and immature mother. The episode will center in the investigation of her two daughters who went missing.

The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives is an American reality television show and consists of a several franchises in the United States. The Real Housewives documents the way rich housewives live in the different regions of the United States.

The first show of the franchise was the Real Housewives of Orange County which was aired in 2006. It immediately became an overnight hit. The success of the first show encouraged the producers to bring the concept of the show to other locations. As such, Real Housewives of New York City and Atlanta came into the picture in the year 2008. By the year 2009, another franchise was added in New Jersey; Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Washington DC aired in 2010. The following year, Real Housewives of Miami started showing in US soils.

The show is packed with drama, revenge and humor which made it a big hit for Americans. Reality television shows the true nature of a person. The series shows the cat fight between women, their gossips against each other and their scandalous lifestyle. At the same time, it also showed the frailty of women, kindness and genuine love.

Not only did this show gain popularity in America but to different nations across the globe as well. Real Housewives viewers continue to increase each year. Real Housewives enjoy the positive reception of the audience just like other hit reality television shows.

This year, fans of the series are expected to be treated for another burst of emotions from the real housewives.