Redding Considering Next Move After Leaving Aprilia

Fans will no longer see Scott Redding ride an Aprilia bike after news broke out that the two parties are already going separate ways. He admitted himself that he might no longer have a spot at the MotoGP after it has been taken over by Andrea Iannone for the following year.

Redding was able to compete in six races under the Italian brand but recently he heard rumors on social media platforms about the team-up that’s going to happen between Iannone and AleixEspargaro as they are targeted to join the lineup of the RS-GP for 2019.

He added that it is how it goes in the industry and he was already expecting the news. As much as their efforts were put into creating a high performance, they were not able to do so. The decision to be let go has already been accepted by Redding beforehand.

He voiced out some of his frustrations though such as the company so eager to sign up new riders when the recently signed have only been out to play twice. This eliminates the chance for the riders to speed up. Though he was able to sign up for a year’s contract, they were already planning to terminate him and judge his performance six months into the contract.

Redding expressed his desire to be able to improve his performance and to get to know more about himself as well as help the brand he is representing by understanding the bike he is riding and improving it along the way.

During the world championship he was only on the 22nd place and he knows right away that his spot may be taken away from him but what he was disappointed with the most is that Aprilia did not inform him right away. He heard about the news of the Iannone decision through social media. Though they were able to talk about it, he is not happy with the way things turned out which led to confusion for others.

Redding admits that he enjoyed the time with the staff while riding Aprilia bike therefore he did not expect that they will not tell them the news directly.