Reducing Motorcycle Accidents By Limiting Use Of Mobile Phones

While it is fun to ride a motorcycle and shop for motorcycle clothing online, safety still comes first when it comes to riding. In a recent study conducted by a researcher from the Florida Atlantic University together with a researcher from the University of Miami, they took a spotlight to the laws in the United States that concerns the banning of mobile phones for those who are driving. It was discovered that many lives have been saved because of these laws. Therefore, banning the use of mobile phone along with other portable devices has helped in reducing the number of fatalities when it comes to motorcycle riding.

In a journal co-authored by the researchers Gumus and French, they highlighted the motorcycle fatality rates in the entire United States. The fatality rate is 11 per cent lower in states with moderate to strict banning laws in comparison to states with no ban imposed at all.

According to Professor Gumus, the laws are quite effective in terms of motorcycle riding. There is no proof that the laws have the same impact considering the entire traffic fatalities but in their study where they focused entirely on motorcycle fatality it has clearly made an impact. The number of motorcyclists is higher therefore it also tops traffic fatalities when considering the total number of motorbikes and the vehicle-miles that have been travelled in the country.

The figured used by the authors came from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System or FARS. They used the data between the years 2005 and 2015. Using those data, they combined state-specific features, laws that concern mobile devices and other rules related to traffic.

Researchers have found that in the last few decades, the safety of automobiles have improved a great deal. The unfortunate fact is that motorcycle fatality rates remains to be quite high on the scale. In comparison to four-wheeled vehicles, these laws created to ban mobile phone use are found to have a bigger impact on motorists. This is only one safety aspect in riding aside from purchasing motorcycle clothing online which is recommended rather than wearing regular clothes while riding.