Retro Bars In Bangkok Bring Back Memories

We, humans, are so good when it comes to looking back. We take a step going forward in the future but our love for the past is also what makes us wanting to go back and rewind the clock. We have a penchant for recycling fashion, remaking films and reissuing albums. With the latest accommodations available, we still look for hotel with club floor in Bangkok in order to experience the retro bars once more.

The capital city of Thailand now holds a number of retro bars all over it and nostalgia is the very reason why many allot their spare time going there and spend their hard-earned cash. ArthitJIamrattanyoo, a social and cultural historian from University of Washington, said that it is not the very past but the most recent one that triggers the imagination of an individual.

Retro style refers to a past time that is only recent but this is not true for everyone. Most of the type, it adopts a thing or two from our culture such as food and fashion. The past is the best resource that can satisfy the demand of modern consumers.

One of the reasons why people have high regards for the past and its sentiment is because of the rapid growth of technology. One will feel that life is moving faster than they wanted and they want to slow it down a tad. For those who want to step back in time, here are retro bars located in Ekamai and Chinatown.

  • Tep Bar. The space used to be dominated by Chinese pharmacists but revived by culture to be a popular hipster hangout in the capital. It reflects back to 1782 when the city was in its glory and dubbed as Krung Tep which means city of gods.
  • Red Rose. It goes back to the 1930s when Shanghai was still the entertainment capital of Asia. The property used to be Chinese opera house and now it portrays Shanghai of the recent past.
  • The Cassette Music Bar. Locally called WerngBoran, it goes back to the time in the 90s when the music industry of Thailand is at its peak and cassette played a big part in people’s lives.

There are tourists who opt to book in hotel with club floor in Bangkok as they will be able to experience it without having to leave the comfort of their accommodation.