Reviews Are Synonymous To Word-Of-Mouth Recommendations

What is the effect of King Kong marketing review to the digital agency? Reviews are like word-of-mouth recommendations that can affect purchase decisions. Bad reviews can spread like wildfire to hurt the business’s reputation. They frequently happen online to influence customer’s purchasing decisions.

It is critical for businesses to control their online reputation. Businesses like a digital agency have certainly worked hard to build a brand. When people say something wrong about the company, it loses a significant amount of business. Meanwhile, positive reviews help the company gain more customers. A company must always know what is being said about them and the impact of comments to be able to manage and control the situation.

According to a study made by BrightLocal, a market research firm, 84% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Before a consumer considers a company as trustworthy, he reads at least 10 reviews. They consider the reviews with the same weight as recommendations from family and friends.

Good reviews are proof of a business’s credibility. According to marketing firm Invesp, it is 5 times more likely for a consumer to buy a product or service when endorsed by a friend or family. If 85% of a business’s potential customer considers reviews as an endorsement from a friend or family, it is worth the efforts to ensure that good reviews are posted online.

However, the problem is consumers are more likely to write a review after a negative experience. Companies must not feel bad about negative feedback. They must consider it an opportunity to improve operations. It also provides the company a chance to respond in a manner that will rebuild trustworthiness. According to BrightLight, at least 89% of consumers read the response of companies to customer feedback. Provide accurate information to gain people’s trust.

Writing appropriate replies to a King Kong marketing review is a skill that must be mastered. People are expecting responses and Google is monitoring the amount of time it takes the company to respond to the review. Follow-up with the reviewer and ask whether he is happy with the solution provided.