Salesforce Research Shows That AU And NZ Customers Expect More Digital Interaction

Salesforce recently released research data which suggests that the shift to digital that was caused by COVID, resulting in the proliferation of many a King Kong agency review and digital marketing, might become permanent for a lot of businesses in the AU and NZ.

The report, titled The State of the Connected Customer noted that more than half (52%) of all transactions and interactions between businesses and their local customers were now digital, compared to 2019’s 36%. Customers also stated that they expect that at least half of interactions in 2021 will continue being online.

Salesforce AU Area VP of Sales Jo Gaines says that businesses in the region have been forced to shift to digital throughout 2020 as a result of the COVID pandemic, and the data shows that these channels are only going to be more popular in the future.

Salesforce’s data says that digital engagement is set to grow, with things like a King Kong agency review to grow alongside. In turn, this means that customers expect companies to properly digitize operations for interactions, with more calls for enhanced transparency and stewardship. In the AU and NZ, 67% of respondents stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has upped their expectations of digital capability.

The question for businesses now is whether or not they can deliver their offerings and support through these channels, and the different customer expectations that come with them. The report noted that, while digital is a different landscape for businesses to navigate, the common concepts of convenience, personalization, and empathy remain important to customer relations.

The report was done by surveying 15,000 customers and business buyers from 27 countries across the world, with 650 respondents hailing from Australia and New Zealand. The goal was to provide insight for companies looking to change how they drive customer success.