Saudi Arabia’s High Technology Border Facility and Equipments

Saudi Arabia- The kingdom announced last year that it is now using high technology surveillance equipments and a sophisticated fence system to ensure the safety of the country from Islamic State extremists. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has high fences with deadly coiled barbed wires and surveillance cameras all around its border.

The biggest threat

Patrol guards on the border of Saudi Arabia expressed their concern over the growing number of war freak Jihadist that has spread havoc over Syria and Iraq. They said that the biggest threat that a nation has are the terrorists.

The lives of border guards are in constant danger. Last year, three border guards and a commander faced their untimely deaths as they battled with terrorist lurking in the area. The attacks agitated the palace and series of air strikes were launched against the extremists. The United States also took part in the air strikes.

The extremists have already been doing several inhumane activities in the Middle East. This includes burning a Jordanian pilot alive inside a cage.

The air strikes made by Saudi Arabia created fear on its inhabitants that the Islamic State group will strike them back hence, the strengthening of the defenses through state of the art surveillance security systems.

The stern command

Border guards are ordered to shoot on sight terrorists. They will also not hesitate to shoot people who are trying to cross the border illegally. The area to which this applies is an approximate 800 kilometer from the border.

High end facilities

The border of Saudi Arabia has been in high alert since the news of jihadist extremist spreading in the Middle East and Europe. They have a facility wherein trained officers monitor radar and feeds from surveillance camera from the border.

On one of the monitors, the radar creates a yellow and green path, noting moving, suspicious objects with white dots. Beside the monitor, a camera image enables the operator to decide whether the suspicious moving objects are enemy or not. If the facility deems that it is hostile, it is marked with red.

The command center on the border of Saudi Arabia replaces the traditional way of guarding the borders wherein guards had to constantly patrol to look for infiltrators, smugglers and terrorists.