Seven Steps To Convert Your Idea In To A Patent Worthy Invention

An idea has to turn into an invention to make it worthy of being patented. A simple idea needs to be developed further and made into a marketable product or service, for the inventor to benefit from it.

Here are seven steps that help in developing an idea into a patent worthy invention. Follow these steps to get introduction about how to patent an idea and protect it from competitors.

Choose reputed service providers

A patent application requires detailed description of the invention along with technical drawings or a prototype. Hire the services of reputed patent attorneys, product Development Company, patent illustrator, and graphic company etc. to help you to describe your idea. These professionals will help you to turn your idea into a drawing or a 3D design that helps you to describe the idea in the patent application or show it to potential investor and licensees.

Working with a coach

Read books by popular inventor coaches or start working with one, for guidance on how to turn your idea into a patent worthy invention. An inventor coach will help you to patent your idea, get the first orders, and procure licensing deals.

Hire invention help from colleges and universities

Hire college and university students to help you in the process. These students are equipped with new ideas and up-to-date skills which will aid you in the product development process. There are many students who offer to work for free in order to gain work experience and fluff up their resumes. However, get a confidentiality agreement in place.

Family and friends

Family and friends can help you a great extent in the process. Ask a trusted friend or a family member with good knowledge in the field of your invention for guidance. A confidentiality agreement is a must to protect your invention.

Inventor groups

Join an online inventor group or one in your neighbourhood. These group are the best place to discuss ideas and get help in the developmental process. These groups meet regularly to discuss common issues and problems.

Patent search

Do a patent search to know about the latest happening in your field. This will help you to find ways on how to patent an idea and develop into a profitable invention.