SharePoint Developers Want More Training On New And Existing Features

Based from a research conducted by Rencore, most of the SharePoint developers are going to be happy with training regarding the new and existing SharePoint features.

The 2016 State of SharePoint and Office 365 Development report from Rencore wants to provide the decision makers from the information technology industry an understanding of the SharePoint community trends.

More about the research of Rencore

Finding out about developers being overwhelmed by the number of changes with online and on-premises editions of SharePoint is the thing that is shocking regarding the year’s edition.

The research was participated by 1,200 SharePoint professionals, which included architects at 35%, developers at 29%, administrators at 14%, IT professionals at 7% and project managers at 4%.

It was conducted at 32 countries with most responses from the United States, which also indicated how SharePoint is hugely an American platform.

Several questions were asked to the participants about following the development strategy of SharePoint.

The research indicated that enterprises are already phasing out older SharePoint versions. It also found out that SharePoint 2013 is the most used version due to it being able to support development models which enable hybrid environments and cloud migration.

The SharePoint Framework

Support for a range of SharePoint models is crucial. Before, enterprises decided between on-premises or cloud deployments. Today, there are multiple cloud options and other cloud possibilities.

The SharePoint framework that was introduced in May adds to existing SharePoint development opportunities in order to deliver a client-side approach for developers to create portals.

However, not a lot of professionals are using SharePoint Framework. A huge amount of developers are still creating their customizations through server side technology at 48%.

The effect is architects and developers need to learn of these new skills.

The research indicated that 30% of the professionals get trained weekly or monthly. However, 30% get training once or twice per year. A huge amount of users just train themselves.

In the future, issues regarding development programs and trainings are likely to get more important, since enterprises are beginning to think about upgrading to newer editions.


Notably, training is going to be required for developers and also end-users – Sharepoint site member training – especially that Microsoft is rolling new changes constantly and enterprises are upgrading to newer editions.