Singapore Offers Tuition Grants To International Students

It is typical for students to struggle in math, science, geography and other subjects. The good thing is there is Singapore tuition agency that caters to students who are facing difficulties learning a subject. Teachers cannot always provide individualized attention to every student in the classroom so the student struggles to understand the concept.

According to Education Minister Lawrence Wong, an average of about 1,600 international students will be receiving tuition grants per year for 5 years of studying at Singapore’s autonomous universities (AU’s). This was the response given by Mr. Wong when questioned on the number of international students that have been admitted by the local universities under the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Tuition Grant Scheme.

Under the Tuition Grant Scheme, beneficiaries will be required to serve a 3-year bond on a Singapore entity upon their graduation. The MOE will help international students that cannot find jobs in the current labour market so that they can serve their bonds. The current economic climate makes it difficult for recent graduates to find jobs in Singapore.

The first priority of the MOE is to support locals in finding employment but it will also provide fair treatment to the holders of the tuition grant. In keeping with the Fair Consideration Framework, MOE will be working with universities and public agencies to facilitate the application for work pass arrangements.

International students will be given enough time to stay in Singapore so that they can find employment. Those who will meet difficulties in finding a job in Singapore or abroad can ask for help from the universities and the MOE. Their situation will be assessed and they will be given support on a case-to-case basis.

Mr. Wong also said that no Singaporean student was displaced from a university because of an international student. A small number of international students are accepted by Singapore’s autonomous universities to add diversity to the overall educational experience.

While group tuition provided at tuition centres are cheaper than Singapore tuition agency, there are more significant advantages to private tutoring. The home tutor can provide individualized attention to a student to clarify any doubts and questions. Home tutors are also the most committed and dedicated among the group of tutors.