Skip Bin Hire Costing The Government Millions Of Dollars

The government has spent nearly a million dollars on skip bin hire for state-house tenants. While skip bins are also the responsibility of private landlords, Housing New Zealand says that it is cheaper if the tenants hire a clean-up crew. Meanwhile, a group of property investors consider it disastrous if providing tenants with skip bins is to become an obligation.

Andrew King, chief executive of Property Investors Federations said that it would most likely be taken advantage of. Besides that, a lot of money will be required which will come from the taxpayers. There are many other important matters for the taxpayer’s money.

A request at the Official Information Act revealed that 2,518 skip bins were provided free of cost to social housing tenants. Total government spending for the free skip bins between July 2013 and June 2018 amounted to $876,099. In the Waikato, at least 174 skip bins were provided during a 5-year period with a total cost of $72,009.

According to Cambridge Hire Bins the provider of skip bins in Waikato, the average cost of each skip bin is $350. Oakfield Crescent got 5 bins over a 5-year period while Shakespeare Avenue got 4 bins. One social housing tenant in the Hamilton Suburb of Nawton said that she was provided with a nine cubic meter skip bin last June, one of the 8 bins that were delivered in the street.

According to King, he is not completely against the practice because he used to provide rubbish removal services to his tenants. However, he is worried that tenants of private landlords may lobby government to require private landlords to clean up the tenant’s rubbish.

King mentioned that there is a section in the Residential Tenancies Act that requires tenants to keep their premises clean and tidy. Landlords can provide skip bins but if they are required to supply more services, rents may go up.

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