South Korea Planning To Build Mass Transit System In Da Nang And The City Is On Board

One of the many signs that a city is growing due to tourism is the improvement of its infrastructure and services. This is currently happening in the city of Da Nang, located in the center of Vietnam. The coastal city have seen an increase in tourist arrivals which means more business for hotel in Danang and it has also positively impacted the economy of the country as a while.

To serve the tourists better and to keep up with the developments in other Southeast Asian tourist cities, the local government of Da Nang, Vietnam has given the green light to go ahead with the proposal of South Korea. It pertains to the plan to build a mass transit system around the city which will connect the center to the area close to the beaches as well as the airport. The proposed mass transit system is expected to cost around $3 billions which will cover a tram as well as a metro system.

Dang Viet Dung, the city council’s vice chairman, said that they have already given the approval for the proposal to move forward after it was submitted to them by the Seoul Metro Corporation. He has also asked for the cooperation and support coming from the Department of Transport of the city of Da Nang.

Once the mass transit system is completed, it is expected to help improve the current status of the coastal city which is currently of the most popular tourist destination in the region. The city’s current population stands at around 900,000 residents.

Seoul Metro’s chief executive officer, Kim Tae-ho, said at the beginning of this year that the project is also planned to connect the city of Da Nang to the economic corridor that serves as a bridge to other Southeast Asia countries like Laos, Thailand and Myanmar including Vietnam.

This is good news for owners of hotel in Danang because it will surely boost their occupancy rate. The highlight of the project is the metro system that will cost $2.3 billion and will run between Thanh Khe District and Hai Chau District.