Steelcase And Microsoft Collaborate To Create A Modern Workspace

If you will look closely at office furniture, its design, size and placement speak a secret language. In most cases, it communicates something – don’t work, go to sleep instead. However, modern jobs are anything but boring.

Steelcase and Microsoft are two companies that are collaborating to create a modern workspace. Steelcase is a company that produces functional furniture for millions of offices across the globe. Microsoft is behind the operating system that powers most of American businesses. The partnership between Steelcase and Microsoft will integrate Microsoft’s Surface Hub collaboration screen.

Microsoft and Steelcase hope to illustrate how a workplace should look to support creative work. At the upper Manhattan WorkLife Center, Steelcase will be showcasing five examples of distinct and striking workplace concepts. The spaces that people work in can shape behavior.

At the Duo Studio, the two collaborators have designed a space with two standing desks, a Surface Studio on top of the other. The desks can be converted from standing and sitting or the other way around through a single lever.

The desks face a 55-inch Surface Hub which is actually a giant touch screen Windows 10 machine that have specialized collaboration capabilities. If an employee wants to Miracast one of the Surface Studio desktops, it can be controlled from the Surface Hub.

If an individual worker does not like shared workspaces, he can opt for Focus Studio that includes a Surface Studio and a convertible desk but with additions like a slide-out cubby. It also includes a wide and deep mirror where you can check yourself before making a presentation.

Steelcase also offers an office set-up that features sound dampening glass instead of the traditional walls and décor. When the glass door is closed, everything is sealed inside the office including outside noise and chatter among employees.

The total solution is provided to commercial offices and home offices through office furniture that has been designed to match the client’s exact requirements. Different types of office furniture are available for training and education, for the hospitality sector and for workstation systems. In order to ensure a professional outcome, free CAD drawing service is offered.