Team Building Activities That Include Physical Games And Solving Puzzles

It is common for team building activities to be held in outdoor venues that are custom fit for the specific agenda. The venue usually provides catering options, beverage menus and other event management services. However, at Wollongong’s Breakout Bars & Escape Rooms, teambuilding is taken to a new level.

Breakout is introducing an exciting and novel corporate team building program that incorporates physical game as a tool to stimulate team work. Business owners Brett Baker and Colin Bloomfield consider the facility as a great option to improve team work as well as professional development.

Unlike traditional team building activities, the program offers physical games as a tool to stimulate team interactions. Teams have to solve codes, riddles and puzzles to be able to escape the room successfully within a certain period of time.

One of the components of the team building program is the workshop. The one day workshop provides the team with the opportunity to develop their personal and interpersonal skills. The interactive course is creatively designed to ensure that it is a fun training event. The course also requires the participants to be an effective team when faced with pressure.

According to Matt Whiteside, manager of Stellar Asia Pacific Centre, the program provided their employees with an incredible opportunity to develop better skills in the workplace. The program was exceptionally designed to be really beneficial in improving the way that people operate in the workplace.

The corporate team building program of Breakout also provides pre and post workshop materials that are aimed at increasing team productivity in the future. The pre-work and follow up materials ensures that the skills learned in team building activities are deeply embedded in their minds. It is common for enthusiasm to drop off after the team building activities are completed.

Special packages are offered for custom-designed team building activities depending on the objectives. The first step is to understand what the team needs so that custom solutions can be developed that aligns with the company’s culture, team profile and event budget. Some of the most unique activities are offered for half-day events at the conference room, full weekends or week long retreats.