The First Cuban 5-Star Luxury Hotel In Havana

The first ultra luxury hotel of Cuba will open in Havana on Monday. Guests who want to stay the night in the 5-star hotel on the Communist Island have to shell out as much as $2,500. Gran Hotel Manzana is jointly owned by Swiss Group of Kempinski Hotels and the military-controlled Cuban tour operator Gaviota.

The 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Havana, the Cuban capital in front of the Verdant Gardens of Parque Central and the grand Alicia Alonso Theater which is considered as home by the Cuban National Ballet. The hotel has 246 rooms, 50 of which are suites. Guests can choose from the 4 bars and 2 restaurants or they can a swim in the infinity pool in the hotel’s rooftop.

The ground floor of the hotel has a shopping mall where you can find high end boutiques in the likes of Versace, Lacoste and Montblanc. The apparent luxury presented by the hotel has become the subject of curiosity because in Cuba, luxury was banned under the regime of the iron-fisted revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

The luxury hotel used to be a European-styled building that first opened in 1917 before it has to undergo a complete renovation. Because Cuba wanted to deliver the project on time, the government was forced to accept builders that brought in hundreds of workers from India. This was a very rare move for the Cuban government that only requires Cuban workers even if they are underpaid and lack motivation.

Guests have to option to choose their accommodations according to hotel rates that range from $440 to $2,485 per night. According to a local Cuban, the luxury hotel is beautiful but it is extremely expensive for them. A salesperson of Montblanc admitted that he has a hard time selling the products that range from $1,775 to $4,500 in a country where the average wage is only $30.

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