The Importance Of DIY App Development For SME’s

Mobile applications are often beyond the budget of small businesses and non-profit organizations but this dilemma is solved through the availability of user friendly, affordable and DIY app development software. With DIY app development, there is no need for strong technical background and more importantly, it has removed the high price tag associated to app development.

The DIY app development is called by many names like app builder, app creator or app maker but although app builders share the same features, there are also notable differences. App builders are very relevant to marketing teams of small and medium sized businesses that work with limited budget, without coding experience and require measurable results. App builders have the capability to address all these issues within a few hours unlike custom app development tools that will take months to create.

App building tools have some common specific features that include social media integration, location-based services, loyalty options, mobile commerce integration and vertical-specific templates. All of the app builders allow for immediate social media integration into the app so that consumers can interact with the brand and communication can be built with loyal customers.

Many of the app builders include location-based services so that the business can target customers who happen to be near by the physical store. The apps allow businesses to maintain a consistent relationship with their clients and notify them with all promotions.

App builders also provide robust loyalty options. The apps can aggregate data from different loyalty features so that the business can better understand, segment and target customers at the same time that they are able to encourage customers to visit the store more often.

A less common feature in app builders is mobile commerce integration that allows customers to purchase and pay for products with just a tap of the fingers. Each app builder includes pre-defined templates and tools for multiple vertical industries. It is an ideal way to create marketing channels for small businesses.

Online store builder can make your website pages look great on any screen so that customers can be stimulated to buy more. Traffic can be increased through built-in SEO tools and you can generate in-depth reports to track user behavior and analyze sales.