The Reasons That Make People Post Online Reviews

Online reviews have a lot of power when it comes to swaying the purchasing decisions of customers. Data varies, but it’s generally agreed that the vast majority of customers across the world read online reviews before making a buy.

There’s a reason that companies work hard to make sure that they get good reviews from customers. If you’re looking to get in on the action, it’s important to know what drives people to write online reviews.

Sharing is caring

This will be a surprise for the more cynical-minded of us, but people do leave online reviews just to help others.

If a customer has a good experience with a product, they’ll let others know so they can have a good experience too. If they have a bad experience, they’ll post a review so people are informed about it.


Businesses want to make sure that their customers have the best experience with their products and services. This is where customer reviews come in.

Negative reviews offer feedback, letting businesses know what issues they need to address and what areas they could use improvement on. Never dismiss negative reviews simply because they’re negative; they might have some useful information.

Being heard

People have their own opinion on a lot of things, and they want to be heard.

When someone posts a king kong agency review, it means that they have an opinion they want to share. They want people to take notice, to engage with them, and to make them feel like their voice was heard and appreciated.