Things To Consider Before Hiring Exterior Painters In Sydney

If you are planning to repaint your house, you would naturally hire exterior painters in Sydney to do the task for you. Before you start with the project, the painter will ask you a few details and some of them include the following.

Paint colour

One of the things that the painter would want to know is the colour of the paint that you want to apply. It is best to choose the right colour in order to achieve the style and appearance that you want to achieve for your house. The colour will also remain on your house for a few years so if you choose the wrong colour, you will have it for a longer period. If you want a safe or generic colour, pick white, beige, cream or light brown. However, if you want more life to your house or if you want it to stand out, choose adventurous or striking colours.

Paint quality 

No matter how good your exterior painters in Sydney are if you will use low quality paint, you will hardly achieve the result that you intend to achieve. Choose high quality paint for both your interior and exterior home surfaces. Consult a qualified painter to determine the most reliable paint in the market today.


If you have a limited budget, choose light colourssince dark ones require more coats, hence requires more paint. Dark colours are also more challenging to paint. Red-based paints are hard to cover and requires more coating so you might want to avoid it. There are different factors that will affect the overall expenses of the project. Some of them are the size of your home and the degree of difficulty required on the job. Request for quotes from different contractors to determine the average cost required.

Qualified painter

Lastly, to ensure the success of the project, hire exterior painters in Sydney who are experts and licensed to do the job in the area. They should be able to perform the job well and at the same time, keep the expenses minimal. Read customer testimonials at the contractor’s website for more ideas on how reliable the painters are. Check the contractor’s past projects to determine workmanship.