Tips To Reduce Pain On Dental Implants In Limerick

Having dental implants in Limerick means you will experience inevitable pain. Implants will be attached to your gums or bones, depending on the need, in order to align your teeth or keep your teeth in their proper location. Because of this, you can expect some amount of pain with the implants, especially when it is newly placed. The degree of pain varies depending on the situation but all in all, the pain is tolerable and it wanes over time. The pain can also be reduced with the following home remedies.

Rinsing with saltwater

One way to get rid of the pain is by gargling warm water with salt. The saltwater solution helps in easing the sores or cuts due to implants.

Ice pack

To relive the pain associated with dental implants in Limerick, apply gel or ice pack on your cheek or on the external part of your mouth. The process helps to reduce the inflammation by numbing the pain in your mouth.

Gum massage

You can also minimize the pain in your mouth through gentle massage on your gums. Do it in a circular motion with your point and middle fingers. This helps in relaxing your gums and improves the blood circulation in the area.

OTC Pain killers

Another way to lessen pain in your mouth is by taking OTC pain killers. There are ointment anesthetics that you can apply directly to your gums or you can use cotton swab for its application. Pain killers will help in desensitizing your gums so you will not feel too much discomfort with your implants.

Dental wax

Dental wax is another typical method used by dentists to reduce pain along the gum line. The good thing about dental wax is you can buy them without prescription and t4you can use them anytime and anywhere. You just have to apply some wax on the gums and teeth where the dental implants in Limerick are located.

To learn more ways to lessen the pain brought about by having implants, consult your dentist especially during the first few weeks of the procedure.