Tips When Choosing Bunk Beds For The Children’s Bedroom

When searching furniture for the children’s bedroom the best option is Amelie children’s oak furniture that is both functional and aesthetic. Children usually value their furniture and it is important for the furniture design to suit the needs of the child until he reaches the age of 12 and upwards. Furniture make from oak is guaranteed to last for a very long time to satisfy the needs of your children.

There are some childhood moments associated with bunk beds like bedtime stories, pajama parties, midnight feasts and arguing on who gets to sleep on the top spot. Aside from the fun factor, bunk beds are the best option when the children’s bedroom has limited space. There are aesthetically-built bunk beds with a tree house design or bunk beds with slides that would fit stylish homes.

According to Talya Nicolay of Kinderoo Children’s Interiors, there are three things to consider when styling bunk beds. You have to consider the type of beddings, accessories and storage. Styling for bunk beds can be tricky particularly the top bunk. The secret is to keep the design uncomplicated.

Always keep in mind that bunk beds have accessories like ladders which must be considered when measuring the type of bunk bed that will fit the space. There are different types of bunk beds but the most common are the lofted and basic. A basic bunk bed is a bed with another bed above it while the lofted could be a bed above a study area or over a futon.

The choice of bunk bed will depend on the age of the children. There are features like study areas, storage and play features that will be desired by children. However, safety is the most important consideration. Give the bunk bed a good shake and see whether it is sturdy. Look for safety features like guardrails, headboards and footboards.

Parents certainly want their children to be safe that is why the best choice for furniture is Amelie children’s oak furniture that is environmentally friendly. The wood used for the furniture is sustainable and harvested from managed plantations. The furniture is built with exceptional quality and expert craftsmanship.