Transforming The Skyline Of Philadelphia With FMC Tower

Glass has become a very popular material for practical, technological and decorative usage. The most common applications for the transparent material include windows panes, tabletops, glassware, eyewear and splashbacks. Glass is also widely used by developers and architects to produce stunning buildings in urban cities.

For decades, the Centre City of Philadelphia was the hub of the city and the platform for its cityscape and skyline. Recently, the skyline has been transformed because of the long awaited FMC Tower of CiraCentre South. The Tower located at 30th and Walnut Streets is home to the headquarters of FMC Corporation, a specialty-chemical corporation.

The new tower that stands at 730 feet with 49 stories will be one of the tallest buildings in the city. It is just a few feet shorter than Three Logan Place which is formerly known as Bell Atlantic Tower. The FMC Tower is a mixed used building and will become part of a new triad of glass structures in the CiraCentre Complex.

The new FMC Tower will house 268 luxury apartments and extended-stay suites on the top 19 floors. The lower portion of the tower will contain retail, offices and spaces for amenities. 11 floors will be occupied by the global headquarters of FMC Corporation.

The design of the CiraCentre Complex adheres to a single idea wherein all the towers are designed as gigantic faceted crystals that look like they are sheathed in taut light blue glass. The original 29-story CiraCentre project has a faceted prow that juts out towards the Centre City while FMC’s facet cleaves inwards. The façade looks like it is split by lighting.

The fanciest pieces of architecture include the lobby and passageway with sweeping glass canopy. The lobby consists of glass panels made from customized structural glass fin wall system. The glass fins are constructed from low iron insulating glass to create a more dramatic look.

A dramatic look can also be achieved in the home by using low iron glass splashback colours for the kitchen and bathroom. A savvy designer has wide range of choice from the different colours available to complement the overall home design.