Transgender Policies Regarding Bathrooms And Locker Rooms Implemented

Christmas day was joyfully celebrated in Washington and a day after that, the state has implemented the new policies that were put in place regarding transgender individuals and their use of different facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. The said facilities which used to specify certain sexes that are welcome to use them are now modified in order to adapt with the new policy. According to the Human Rights Commission of the state responsible for the mandate of the new policy, it is illegal for establishments and their respective owners to ban or limit the use of the said facilities basing on the anatomical parts of the individual.

According to Family Policy Institute of Washington’s executive director, Joseph Backholm, it can be considered as the first time that the nation has implemented the policy statewide in order for all establishments to adapt with the new gender equality concept. He also added that this move can be a sign of the looming war regarding gender issues.

One of the state legislator revealed that the rules were taken into effect starting the 26th of December last year. It covers all businesses that have more than eight people under their pay roll. It is also included in the policy that schools should allow students to use whatever facility they identify their gender to belong in. It also follows that these transgender individuals have the right to choose whatever locker rooms they feel their gender belongs to.

In a situation where in another student is not comfortable in sharing a facility with a transgender student, the policy dictates that the student should be given an option to use another separate facility or one that is gender neutral if available.

The fixed and final rules regarding the new policy are not yet posted by the Washington State Human Rights Commission in their online website. Despite the new rules, there are still many people who are not sure as this opportunity can be used by people in order to take advantage of the ability to used gender specific facilities.

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