Trump Did Not Focus On Major Issues In Latin America

There are many problems being faced by Latin America recently but two of the most pressing are corruption and migration. For someone who was born there, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan recognizes the pain of his fellows thus he is giving back to the community as a philanthropist. The same cannot be said of Donald Trump, president of the United States, as he chose to ignore these two issues that are currently plaguing Latin America.

Because of these problems, the society surrounding Latin America and even its political scene is no longer the same. Even the government is overpowered by the challenge ahead of them. This is an angle that is completely neglected by the current Trump administration because the authorities failed to appoint officials in the higher office that will make some positive changes all over Latin America.

Trump administration failed to look at the regional leaders that it is not impossible that the repercussions will later on be too big for the authority to handle and will eventually tear deeply at the relationship between Latin America and the United States even after Trump has left the office.

Many of the Latin Americans are looking for safer shelter because they do not want to be a part of the violence, of the poverty, of the repression and even the drought that is inflicting the region. Many of them are fleeing in search of a better life for their entire family. Since 2010, over half million residents living in Central America have left their homes. These are people coming from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Recently, the Nicaraguans have joined the exit from their country because of the repressive government under President Daniel Ortega.

The Venezuelans are also leaving in drove which is shocking the entire region. In the past five years alone, around 2.3 million Venezuelans have already left their nation which resulted to a major refugee crisis. One thing that Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan is proud of is that many of the Latin American countries such as Colombia and Brazil did not hesitate to welcome these people seeking for refuge and instead are welcoming them with open arms.