UK Aims To Reduce The Number Of Smokers By Introducing Plain Packaging

The following content was provided by Paper Mart. The United Kingdom plans to reduce the number of smokers and the appeal of smoking to young people by introducing a new law so that cigarettes would only be given a plain packaging. This plan is supposedly set to be introduced before the general elections which would happen this May.

Jane Ellison, a UK public health minister told MPs that the movement for the plain packaging would have a great positive impact on the health of the public especially when it comes to children. She also said that now is not the time to be complacent because everybody knows of the dangers of cigarette smoking and that the UK government is very dedicated in protecting the public, most especially the children, from the dangers of tobacco.

Many doctors said that the move could save thousands of lives and that the Labour Party had already pledged in banning the images on the packets in the case that they win power.

Prime Minister David Cameron had also ordered the pre-election vote regarding plain cigarette packaging although he had appeared to kill off the plan in 2013 because it needs more evidence.

Every year, about 100, 000 people die of smoking in the UK that is why smoking related diseases are the main cause of preventable deaths.

Even the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies had warmly welcomed the plan and its evidence, agreeing that the plain packaging could play a great role in improving the health of the public and preventing the smoking uptake of children.

The Conservative Party has yet to make a stance regarding the subject and is being accused of taking U-turns. The biggest problem would have to be the tobacco companies who are doing everything to prevent the enforcement of this plan because it will deter a lot of people from smoking and that would be a great loss for them if ever the plan is passed.

Mps will expect to be given free vote regarding the issue before the Parliament can be dissolved. If ever it is cleared before March ends, then the law of plain packaging will be enforced starting next year.