Vanity Trends Pushes For Clean And Uncluttered Spaces

Vanities not only add to an overall visual appeal of a bathroom, they also function as great storage spaces for clutter. There have been an increase in trends for vanities and other designs resulting to a greater impact to bathrooms as a whole. Functionality is a priority for most people whatever the vanity style is. Storage spaces is a priority for them. Those traditional vanities with two drawers left additional items in its countertop according to Stuart Stanton from Ronbow, Inc.

With a number of styles and finishes, designers are able to capture a homeowners personality. Designers use a variety of materials, shapes and accents. In turn, due to the variety, it is challenging to spot a trend.

According to Stephanie Lowe from Hardware Resources, grays and whites are increasing in popularity. Christopher Reynolds agrees with this too. Grays and whites are the number one choice in paint color.

In addition to gray and white painted cabinets, there is also a trend towards mixing colors of gray, white and black. People want a sustainable style coupled with natural elements for their bath designs.

The transitional styles having clean lines and lesser decoration are paving the way for vanity designs too. These define an elegant retreat. The simple and minimalistic alongside uncluttered visual creates for a calming room. The overall look of a bathroom makes a big statement on a design standpoint according to Naomi Neilson Howard from Native Trails.

Although people need a clean and uncluttered look for baths, they want to have their personalities shine through their vanities. This is why some are drawn to vanities functioning like furniture and floating vanities.

The need for clean and uncluttered look for baths is also driving more people to choose closed storage vanities. However, this choice is still dependent mostly on the size of the room as well as its style. This is all according to personal liking, manufacturers say.

Stunning Basin Vanity Unit Sets that feature drawers under a sink maximize storage spaces at the same time offer a minimalistic look. Open shelves are on a decline since people want to keep appearances clean. Even for bathrooms with small spaces, concealed drawers attract people to buying them.