Victoria Carpets Might Be Cutting Jobs Soon

Business with local carpet cleaning in Perth is going well but the same cannot be said of Victoria Carpets located in Kidderminster. Bosses from the company recently made an announcement with regards to their reconstruction plans. This is in an attempt to create a higher profit margins but this is bad news for some employees because this could lead to dozens of workers being laid off.

Victoria Carpets made it clear that their manufacturing plant located at Kidderminster will no longer be operating as a manufacturing site but rather it will now serve as a site for distribution and warehouse as well as a showroom centre.

The company sent a letter to their employees and according to the managing director of Victoria Carpets, Phil Hartley, they expected that around 66 employees will be losing their job due to the restructuring changes.

This is a huge hit to the company after the first announcement by Brinton wherein they will be letting go of 60 staff. The company is once known as one of the leading names in the carpet industry but this second announcement is questioning the current state of the company.

The company clarified that the reason behind the reconstruction of their manufacturing logistics systems in the United Kingdom is all because of the rapid growth as well as the increasing demand that the company’s product is experiencing.

The manufacturing operations done in Kidderminster will be tasked to other two company siteswhile the distribution services provided by Midlands will be handed over to Kidderminster.

A new distribution centre located at the southern part of London will be operational by the end of 2018. A proposed plan for the same facility to be located on the north is underway.

The company said that the restructure will result to a higher production capacity and the customer service level will be greatly improved which will result to a higher profit as well.

Carpet consumers in Australia are rest assured that the same quality will be delivered and professional carpet cleaning in Perth should be hired for maintenance to ensure the quality is maintained.