What A South America Tour Can Do With Your Kids

The South America tour can be a huge unknown for many travellers. You need to know this amazingly, beautiful continent with more efforts. Here, you’ll find beach paradises and snowy peaks, especially on the areas of the wild Amazon. If you like to come here for a family vacation, you will literally need a map to go places. So, here are top things you can do with your kids in South America.

Be Marvelled at the Machu Picchu

One memorable way you can spend with your kids is to expose them to the great wonders of the world. The Machu Picchu in Peru is one destination you can tour in South America. You can book a tour at the entrance to wander the site and see its landmarks. The Sun Gate and Temple of the Sun are amazing spectacles to see.

Gallivant the Giant Tortoises on Galapagos

Watch the fascinating biodiversity and unique wildlife in Galapagos, Ecuador. Your children will surely be astounded with the animals. It’s a family vacation to have for your South America tour, where they see fearless and unique animals like sea lions, giant tortoises and more. Your children can capture pictures with them, and they’ll be inspired by these natural wonders.

Take a Cruise Down the Amazon River

You can travel the mighty Amazon, which is an immense rainforest of Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. You can start the trip either in Iquitos, Peru or Manaus, Brazil on river cruises.  They take you deeper to the unbridled Amazon. There are also dolphins that swim alongside the cruise and be amazed at how Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes rivers come together to meet the waters.

Explore the old town of Cartagena, Colombia

The South America tour can also take you to the amazing walled old town of Cartagena. Venture into museums, beaches and watersports, but also be happy exploring the Ciudad Amurallada. Here you’ll find lively, colourful colonial-era buildings with cobblestone streets all lined with bougainvillea. There is also the Castillo de San Felipe that eradicated the pirates. You and your kids can also enjoy a mud bath at the Volcan del Totumo. There is also time to enjoy the Playa Blanca if you want to go snorkeling the coral reefs.