What Is It Like When You Stay At The Holiday Inn Hotel In Rayong?

Rayong has magically become one of the most desired tourist destinations. It is a cluster of 10 islands connected by the Gulf of Thailand and a soon-to-be tourist hub in Southeast Asia. Witness the beauty of the rising sun amidst the flowing waters and the beauty of the unique rocks, the islands and the marine resources. Regardless of which country you have been, come to this town to indulge yourself. Be part of the Rayong Fruit Festival when the town has the highest number of fruits. Enjoy all these only when you spend it at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Rayong for your accommodation.

Most of the hotels here are located along the beach areas. The Holiday Inn Hotel in Rayong is a four-star hotel famous in these areas. You can stay here and explore the pristine white beaches at your leisure time. Lay back and relax underneath the sun and capture the stunning waterfalls in your camera. Book a room in this hotel and enjoy a great view of the crystal clear sea waters, the palm-fringed coastlines and the blue sky.

Aside from the budget hotels in this town, you can also choose to be booked in other luxurious accommodations. These hotels will truly satisfy your needs and preferences, especially if you’re here on with family, honeymoon or business trip. You can readily access these hotels and resorts anywhere in the world.

Like the Holiday Inn Hotel in Rayong, they provide well-appointed rooms and suites. They can offer you a variety of rooms to choose from. The rooms of the hotel are provided with basic amenities which make you really comfortable during your stay. You’ll surely be pampered when you avail the room service, which comes to you with a smile on your face.

You can also explore restaurants within the proximity of the hotel and taste seafood delicacies and tropical fruits. Also enjoy other local and international cuisines within the hotel. Get to enjoy the variety of drinks that bars serve their guests. There are also business facilities and recreational amenities to enjoy while staying in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Rayong for your accommodation.