What Trailer Hitches Really Are?

There are a variety of uses when pickup trucks and SUVs come with trailer hitches. They are used to pull cargo trailers, campers, boats and other items which need to be transported to a different location. These hitches come in various types – in pickup trucks they are called ball trailer hitch and other types include the fifth wheel hitches and the gooseneck trailer hitches.

The truck must be strong enough to pull whatever is connected to the trailer hitch. It must have adequate engine strength to hold a momentum to pull the trailer. It’s practically one reason why most vehicles don’t have trailer hitches.

The trailer hitch must be properly installed to the pickup truck or SUV or the whole hitch rig can come off, leaving the cargo behind. Typically, the hitch is attached on a type of bumper that needs to be installed under the tailgate. The strength of the rig will identify how much weight the hitch can handle. Various classes can pull various amounts of weight. Class-5 trailer hitches are considered the strongest and can pull a capacity of over 10000 pounds. A Class-1 trailer hitch is the weakest with a capacity to pull around 2000 pounds.

Ball trailer hitches are usually found in SUVs and pickup trucks. The hitch comprises a metal ball that is attached to a socket on the cargo. Bigger trailer hitch balls can typically support more weight than smaller balls. A ball trailer hitch is often considered the more versatile type as they can be used to pull boats, campers and small cargo trailers.

A gooseneck trailer hitch will also use a ball, but are attached to the vehicle differently. Rather than at the bumper, these type of trailer hitch is attached to the truckbed. And the strongest type of trailer hitch are the fifth wheel trailer hitches, which can really carry heavy loads. The fifth wheel hitches are usually found in heavy duty cargo trucks with excessive loads of cargoes.

Trailer hitches can have trucks of all sizes pull cargo, so you need the right type of hitch to be possibly attached to the truck and pull the trailer.