When Choosing The Perfect Tile

If your bathroom already looked like one from the page of a magazine, you might not need these tips. If your bathroom is the opposite with mismatched furnishings and blue bathroom tiles that do not coordinate at all, you should read on for expert tips from professionals. These tips will guarantee that your bathroom will look like it has been renovated by a home improvement television show.

To begin your renovation, you should think about your dream tile. It is something you have been visualizing for a long time. There are those who prefer subway tile for their dream bathroom and there are those who want marble tiles for a pretty looking floor. In order to create your bathroom, you must begin with your dream tile. You don’t have to cover the entire bathroom with your dream tile but you can choose it as a center or even a border if your budget permits. Once you know your dream tile, you know how to plan everything else inside the bathroom.

The next step is to choose two different kinds of tile that will complement your dream tile. For bathrooms, you can use floor tiles as well as wall tiles. Position the vanity in a way that the tile can be arranged as a backs plash or the tiles can be used as a lining for the shower wall. There are a lot of spaces to fill in when dealing with a bathroom makeover therefore one type of tile would not be enough. The only thing that needs to be considered is that the styles of the tiles should complement as a whole. There should be a common factor like a shade of color.

The one thing to avoid is the clash of style between the tiles. Just pick one tile with a unique pattern but do not put together special tiles that could take away the attention from an eye-catching style that should be the focal point. Keep in mind that aside from the style, maintenance should also be considered. For instance, blue bathroom tiles are easier to maintain compared to white tiles.